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[COPHEX 2017] Cosmetic·Pharmaceutical Machinery & Equipment Exhibition

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ENCLONY participated in the 12th International Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Technology Exhibition [COPHEX 2017] held in KINTEX, Ilsan from April 18 to 21, 2017.
COPHEX is an exhibition where all the devices, systems and technologies for manufacturing, research and development of the pharmaceutical industry are gathered together.

At this exhibition, Enclony has released a newly developed laser print & visual inspection machine and a large capacity tablet inspection machine.
The high-capacity tablet inspection machine is the first in the world to be able to perform 1,100,000 tablets per hour,
and boasts an overwhelming production quantity along with inspection accuracy.
The laser printing & inspection machine has improved the existing printing technology using UV laser to print on the product’s surface and checking the appearance after printing.
In addition, our main product, PLANET 4.8-TC, which is a tablet and capsule automatic sorter, exhibited even better performance in terms of user convenience,
still attracting the attention and response of many pharmaceutical companies.

Enclony has developed this new product to actively respond to the changing trends in the global age demanding laser printing and rapid inspection processing capability.
Enclony will continue to devote ourselves to the superior quality of pharmaceutical companies with Enclony’s technology and competitive edge.

◎ Exhibition: 2017 International Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Technology Exhibition [COPHEX 2017]
◎ Period: 2017.04.18 ~ 2017.04.21
◎ Place: KINTEX Exhibition Hall
◎ Participants: 749 companies from 20 countries (651 domestic companies / 98 overseas companies), 1,846 booths
◎ Scale: 36,789 people

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